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Archive Print takes great pride in its work and works one on one with clients. 

The new generation of high-resolution scanners and giclee printers means large format, archival prints are now much more affordable for small or medium print runs.  Once an accurate reproduction is achieved and digitally filed, you can order as big or small a print run as you require whenever you need prints.  And subsequent prints will be of a consistent quality. 

How It’s Done

For those new to the world of giclee printing at Archive Print, here is a quick run down of what is involved:  

  • First, the artist makes an appointment to bring in the artwork to be scanned.  The artwork must be left with Archive Print so that the proof can be compared to the original.  The set up usually takes about a week (depending on Archive Print’s workload at the time). 
  • At the set up stage the print surface is decided on (smooth, textured, canvas etc.), also, if any text or if any changes to the image are required.
  • The artist will be called back to approve the proof.  If there are numerous changes made to the proof a charge will be made for time and material.  Once the proof is approved the artist receives:

1)       one proof up to size 13 x 18 on the material of choice, 
2)       the image on a disk, full size and in smaller format for posting on a website or printing as a card 
3)       Archive Print also retains the image on file so that print orders can be made by phone or Email. 

  • Print orders made on the completion of a set up receive the volume price, regardless of the order being 10 sq ft or not. 
  • Prints can be made bigger or smaller than the original as required.  Remember they will always be proportionate to the original size.  When making future print orders always stipulate the size.
  • Payment must be made when picking up work  Pre payment is required only on large print orders where material has to be ordered.



One of our most recent additions to Archive Print is a Phase One PowerPhase FX scanning system. It is based on a digital scan back with up to 132 mega pixel resolution. This system is a camera mounted scan back with light banks to ensure true, even lighting and a vacuum easel.  It keeps us on the cutting edge of scanning technology.

This scanner is the same model as the ones currently used by the Smithsonian Institute to record and archive works of art and historical documents. 

We can scan artwork up to size 50 x 70 inches or we can use a studio camera if necessary.  We also accept your digital files submitted on CD Rom or DVD.  To Email files, please Email or call first for our requirements.   
If your artwork poses special difficulties e.g. if it is highly textured, very shiny or reflective, very large or not flat, a price would be quoted on sight of the artwork. 

We also have high quality film scanners which can scan film from 35mm up to 11x14 ins.  Film scanning 35mm through 120/220 is done at 4,000ppi and up to 48 bpp.  Artwork of any medium is scanned at up to 42 bits per pixel.  Where applicable, a digital studio camera will be used instead.
Accurate calibrated scanning and digital imaging are the basis of true reproduction and color depth.



We can print up to 44 ins by whatever length is required at up to 1,440 dpi, and use a range of surfaces, all pH neutral, archival paper and canvas.

Our newest printer is an Epson 9890 printer, having had remarkable results from ourEpson 9800 and 9600 and 9500 printers.  We have always used pure pigment inks which have the highest rating for stability of color and quality.  Prints will not show any discernable change for 100 to 200 years when kept in artificial light.

If the media used for your prints go out of production we will find a suitable replacement.

Another tremendous advantage to giclee printing  is that prints can be reproduced at different sizes on varied media, giving the artist the ability to customize artwork.



We know your artwork is important to you and we will work with you to produce the closest possible reproduction of your painting or photograph.

To assure consistency of quality, proofs are compared to the original artwork in our office.  With photographs, we need a reference print with notes of cropping, contrast and color changes to work towards.

One benefit of giclee reproduction is the ability to order prints as needed in small print runs as, once an accurate proof is made, subsequent prints can be made when needed.  Occasionally we notice a small difference in prints which we have traced to possible changes in humidity, coating on paper surfaces and inks although we use the same materials .  

Differences are barely discernable and we ask that clients keep realistic expectations.

Some colors in the original work may fall outside of the printable color spectrum (gamut).  Our proofing process ensures that our prints will achieve the look and feel that is most appealing and closest to the original as possible.  

Archive Print prepares proofs for reproduction in incandescent light as most paintings are hung indoors, in artificial light.   When proofing your artwork please hold in mind that inks behave differently to paint in different lighting.

Once an image is archived, reproductions can be made as required thus the up-front cost of mass production is eliminated and printing can be done on demand.

Certificates of Authenticity  

Archive Print is unique in that it provides ‘certificates of authenticity’ with each print as a courtesy to clients at no extra charge.  These certificates show the printed image and give a brief explanation of the paper and inks used.  They are an invaluable selling aid and accompaniment to prints.  Ask to see an example.  

1 certificate is provided with each print over 11 x 14 ins., 1 sq ft in size (not proof print).

Replacements for lost certificates may be requested – 50c each.


Professional and amateur photographers can have their pictures enlarged and printed on various art surfaces, including canvas.  This includes both film and digital photographs. 

Heirloom Photo Restoration
The images on old, damaged photos can be preserved by scanning and ‘cleaning up’ the damage digitally.  This is done at the digital hourly rate.  Prints are then made of the new enhanced image and can be printed on art surfaces or canvas, if desired.  Please note that if photos are very faded there may not be enough information left to preserve.

Exhibition Prints, Signage and Banners

 As well as specializing in fine art reproductions, Archive Print has materials in stock, which have revolutionized murals and exhibition prints. 

Murals are used to enhance both homes and businesses by interior designers, decorators and owners.  From artwork we can produce brilliant, custom, wall sized prints.  The same goes for your own digital files or film, depending on the quality you supply.  If you don’t have an image we can help you find one.

Large display prints make all the difference to a trade show exhibit, or a retail or window display.  We produce sharp, eye-catching prints to your specifications and they can be overprinted with your company name and logo.  The finished product can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Wallpaper – Your selection of pictures can be printed onto a durable ‘wallpaper’ and applied directly to a wall by a paper hanger.  The material is as non-fading and lasts as long as regular wallpaper.  It can also be applied to board for a portable display. 

For retail displays, trade exhibitions etc. the same material can be used as a fabric-like banner that can hang from batons or as part of a portable display unit (of which we have an example). 

Peel & Stick – this material looks like wallpaper but can be peeled off and restuck many times to walls or boards.  Ideal in retail outlets where displays change often, for example, wall menus, seasonal or price notices. 

Back Light Film - Your image can be reproduced on film to be incorporated into a wall mounted back lit panel.  It can even be used over a window for a 'stained glass' effect!

The applications are endless!  Please ask for explanations or samples.


Archive Print accepts checks, cash, money orders and credit or debit cards.  We respectfully ask that payment is made upon the completion and collection of work.  Only when the order is large and materials have to be ordered will a down payment be necessary.


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