Welcome to Archive Print.

Whether you are new to the world of giclee reproductions or are an established artist who has had work printed before, Archive Print can help you make the most of your artwork and photography.

We have been in business since 2001 and work individually with each client to ensure the best reproduction is achieved.   Our clients are artists and photographers from throughout New Jersey and further afield, many of whom have been coming to us for years.

Our office is in a beautifully refurbished brick building in Wall Twp. ?p; click on 鲥ctions毲 a Google map.  Please call for information or an appointment糲 528 5300.

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At Archive Print we specialize in fine art digital giclee printing, producing beautiful high quality, color stable, affordable prints of your artwork and photographs. 
We offer a complete service of scanning or photographing your work, digital storage of image and printing on a wide choice of paper, canvas or other media. 


Giclee, pronounced 襥-clay鳠a French word describing a technique of spraying which is how the inks are applied to the media.  The computer controlled printheads produce apparent continuous tone quality that is very impressive even under magnification. 
Giclee is a recognized fine art print category like lithograph and serigraph.  It is considered, arguably, the best technique for reproducing original works of art, digitally created art and fine art photography. 
We use only pigment inks which boast 100 to 200 years longevity under normal indoor lighting conditions before any noticeable fading occurs.  This is unmatched color ink stability.  We have a great range of print surfaces to choose from 硴ercolor, glossy, luster and matte fine art papers, canvas, wallpaper, peel and stick vinyl and, also, backlight film.    
The results are outstanding ?nts with exceptional detail and depth and vividness of color, true to the original.  And they won?de away!

Archive Print
3203 Atlantic Avenue,
Allenwood Station,
PO Box 288,
Allenwood, NJ 08720

Phone: 732-528-5300 


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